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Super popular OMNIA INDIAN GARNET edt vapo OaCQjmK7

  • Modèle : OaCQjmK7
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Description du produit

THE ELEGANCE OF ORIENTAL PRECIOUS GEMSOmnia Indian Garnet by Bvlgari is an “Eau de Toilette“ for women belonging to the oriental floral family. It is a totally elegant and sophisticated creation, inspired by a precious gemstone characteristic of the high jewellery firm, originating in India.This fragrance was launched in 2014 by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. It captures the undisputed aroma of the Indian subcontinent, along with a hint of mystery and exoticism. It is an aroma far removed from extravagances and more typical of the classical Indian tradition, describes an oriental woman, sexy and sensual, but all with notes full of freshness and femininity.Its wake begins with citrus aromas such as mandarin and orange, combined with the spicy aroma of Indian saffron. Seconds later, they land on the skin, creating a soft veil, to give way to a heart formed by osmanthus and nard of India, sweet and dusty aromas, reveal the essence of a very coquettish woman. Amber and woody notes intermingle in the finish, giving the fragrance a subtle, warm and sensual tone.DISCREET ELEGANCE. This fragrance enjoys an extreme elegance, under a very discreet trace. This is not an opulent, potent fragrance, but a fragrance that shines with simplicity and discretion, leaving a fresh, sophisticated trail behind.OMNIA SAGA. Indian Garnet is the sixth fragrance to join this collection. Its bottle follows the same line as that of all its companions, two intertwined cylinders, which, in front of this fragrance, adopt a warm orange tone.WARM CLIMATES. As we can already see from its inspiring landscape, this is a special scent for warm and hot climates, an essence with a floral freshness that helps to brighten up the most embarrassing days.